Who We Are

We are trying to change the way people get their favourite takeaway food and drinks. Instead of the traditional way of takeaway, DROP wants to help you skip the wait and save time.

Every day a lot of people are taking away their favourite food and drinks. It’s a part of Penang’s food ecosystem, just like anywhere else.  

However, getting takeaway can be an annoying task. Finding parking, long queues or just long waits. I’m sure you would rather save time and relax, right?

In 2018, we tested out our concept with people around George Town, Penang.  People liked the concept, so thus we decided to develop the DROP app.

Eventually, in 2019, DROP was launched.

With the app, Drop use your driving time by having the vendor ready your order. By the time you arrive, it should be ready to be picked up. Making your take away experience as smooth as possible.

Try it now and drive-thru like a boss. 🚗😎🥤🌯