Manage your takeaway customers better.

Takeaway orders can get messy. Tracking when customers will arrive can be a headache, especially when there are multiple orders.

Manage it all in one app. It's easy to register and it's free too. We don't charge commission.


Android Only. IOS Coming Soon

Why be a DROP Partner

Manage your takeaway customers

All your order and customer information on the DROP app.

No more going back and forth between Whatsapp messages or notes.

It is FREE to use

There are no setup fees or hidden charges, Totally free for you.

Customer experience

There are no queues and long waits after ordering for customers. They only have to wait in the comfort of their own car.

get paid.png
Get paid through the app and save time 

All transactions are processed on the DROP app. You don't have to worry about customers not paying or not showing up. You'll are paid weekly.

Get started


Download App

Click on this link to download the vendor app



After you registered, we will contact you to approve your account within 48 Hours.


Set up your account

You can start setting up your opening hours, bank account details and restaurant details (Menu, staff & etc.)


Start serving and promoting

Start serving customers with a drive-thru service!

When an order comes in

accept order.png
start preparing order.png
customer arrival.png

Notification rings, accept order 

Start preparing the order 

Notification rings again, the customer arrives

Bring out the order to the customer’s vehicle

Your phone will ring with a notification. You have 5 mins before the order auto-rejects.

Be quick in accepting orders! Nobody likes waiting.

Make and pack the order. Give your best in preparing the order!


As always, good food and drinks mean returning customers.

Your phone will ring again to tell you that your customer reached.

Check the customer details (Car Model and Number Plate) one more time just to be sure.

They are here! Pass their order to their car, through their car window!

After that, tap "Mark as Delivered"

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost me?

NOTHING. It’s Free. There are no hidden charges or setup fees.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made to your bank account every Tuesdays.

What if I’m not available to manage the app?

You can add staff to your account so that they can be notified when the orders come in. Your staff can continue to run your everyday operations.

What if the store is closed for some reason?

You can change your current status (go online or offline), you have the control, just remember to reopen your status to back online! Tap of the side menu > Toggle the green button > Provide reason why you're going offline > Tap of ✅

What if my customer doesn’t arrive?

We got you covered! The customer pays for their order before you start preparing. If they don't come and pick up their order, you'll still get paid. No losses on your side.