Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drop about?

Save yourself time when you take away. Finding parking can be difficult in Penang, not to mention the wait for your order. With DROP, you order & pay on the app, drive over & pick up. Simple and saves you time.

I can't find anything I want on Drop

We are doing our best to get more vendors to join the Drop family. Recommend your favourite places and DM us at Facebook & Instagram. Even better, tell them about our service and how you would like to see them on it!

Do I have to go get my order myself?

Yes, you do. We are not a delivery service. No parking, no long waits, no queueing. You just have to head to your destination to pick it up and drive-thru like a boss.

How do I find out where the cafe/restaurant is located?

Click into the restaurant you are looking at, you’ll see an arrow icon next to the restaurant adrdress. Tap on it to show you how to get there.

Why do I have to allow Drop permission to get my precise location?

We track your journey to your destination so that we can give the vendor an estimation time of your arrival and let them prepare your order properly.

How do I pay?

It’s cashless, you’ll have to pay through online banking or credit card/debit card. We want to make it as seamless as possible. No more waiting for change or preparing change.

I've paid for my order. Why is my order rejected and how do I get a refund?

I'm sorry to hear that. There are a lot of reasons that may be why the vendor did not accept your order. We will do our best to notify vendors if that happens, making sure it does not happen again. We will start the refund process, as soon as possible. Refund will take about 7 days to process, which is done by the Third party service, Razer Pay.

Do I have to wait for my order if I reached the cafe/restaurant?

When you arrive tap on 'I'm here' which will be listed below your order. Sometimes it takes longer for orders to be prepared, especially if you are close by. You might have to wait, but you will still save time.