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Vendor Story

A full house with long lines are always good signs of success, maybe even to expand into a new building. But what if you could expand your business without having to invest in anything more than a new app?

With Drop you can now expand the reach of the restaurant without having to actually expand the restaurant. You can proudly share with the larger community what you have to offer.

Customer Story

Long lines, and sad faces

You find your favorite restaurant on the way to work is on drop. All you have to do now is make a simple order as you go about your day!

You sign up for Drop

You find that the restaurant is on the service and with almost no wait time you can just drive-thru and pick up what you’ve been craving in just a couple of taps.

#dropbytoday and you got it!

Taking full advantage of the travel time, customers wait less, and vendors sell more. Everyone gets what is wanted in the time needed.

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Too busy commuting to work to grab something to eat? Running errands all day with no time to pick up some food? No worries! With Drop, we take care of all the hassle to get you what you want from your favorite cafe/restaurant. So when you drive-thru there’s no need to wait!


We have many restaurants you can takeaway from! Just scroll through our list of delightful vendors from our feed. Or if you have something already in mind, you can just search for the restaurant itself! When you find something you like, just add it to your cart and pick it up along your way.


When you’re ready to check out, you’ll see your order, an estimated arriving time, and the price of the order. When everything looks right, slide to complete your order–and that’s it. We’ll automatically use the card on file or your digital wallet so you'll never need cash.

Pick up

Once you’ve checked out, go to your restaurant where you’ve ordered from. When you’re close by, the app automatically notifies the restaurant and they’ll drop it off to you. Then you'll complete your drive-thru journey.

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