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5 essential tips on becoming a Superstar Penang Street Hawker

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

By Joshua Soo

Are you serious? Can you really succeed where so many have "tutup kedai" before? You are talking about Penang, the food capital of the world.

Can can. Here are 5 tips on how you can start becoming a hawker overnight in Penang and how you can stay open.

1. Make sure you register your new food business with the word "Beratur" at the back.

Naava's Telur Goyang and Roti Bakar...Beratur Shawn's Roti Prata...Beratur Anwar's Nasi Kandar...Beratur You can bet your bottom dollar that "Beratur" will bring the crowd cos you are getting them to "get in line"

2. Create the "beratur" culture.

Get your friends, family, uncles, aunts, first, second, third cousins, hair dressers' nieces and nephews, florists' neighbours etc to line up at your opening. The longer the line the better.

3. Perpetuate and encourage a following.

Create a craze, let it go to cult status and you are on your way to becoming legend. Let the netizens rave and swoon over your food creations.

4. Make sure the line is long and that everyone waits for at least an hour.

That is how you get your fame and "gengness". Think "conga line" from this street to the next. Stop traffic.

5. Be rude and patronizing - Penang style.

Limit the guests to only one dish per person. Treat them mean to keep them keen. That's what we call "unique" customer service. Got it? You are now set to be the next Street Hawker legend!

By Stephanie Lee