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8 Things We Love to Dapao in Penang

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Choosing what you want to eat in general is always hard and specifically looking for something to dapao can be even more challenging at times. There’s no lack of food options here, however, there are foods that are move takeaway friendly than others.

Here at Drop, we’ve compiled a list of foods and drinks that we love to dapao in Penang.

Nasi Lemak

It simply tastes good. The combination of rice, santan (coconut milk) and sambal, is just so good. Whether you pair it with fried chicken, sambal fish or other toppings, it’s beloved by all. Not to mention, it’s so dapao-friendly!

Vendors: Projek Nasi Lemak, Alamak, Leaves 32 Cafe, Toastea Coffee, Nasi Lemak Kukus Pendekar Mustar

Sandwiches & Bread

Sandwiches come in all different shapes, sizes and types with all types of meats, vegetables and sauces. All that combined differently in between two slices of bread and packed safely for consumption, it’s a meal wrapped and ready!

Easy to make, hold, buy and eat! Whether it’s naan, chapati, croissant. It’s on the go!

Vendors: Toastea Coffee Enterprise, Gems Restaurant, 楽 Lè


Char Kuey Teow, Hokkien Mee, Pan Mee, Curry Mee or so so so much more. What else can we say? It’s our comfort food.

Vendors: AhMa PanMee, Lucky Bowl Noodle, Ah Gu Pan Mee, Ah Niu Yun Tun Mian, Lao Mu Zi Curry Mee

Ice Cream

Might sound odd at first but I’m sure that we all know someone who’s done the 10:30PM MCD drive-thru just for a McFlurry or a Sundae Cone. Ice Cream is always enjoyable on the way, making the journey taken that much sweeter.

Vendors: Creameal Handcrafted Ice Cream and Rabbit X Hold Up


From Kopi O Peng Gao Chia to a Roasted Oolong Milk Tea with 50% sugar, less ice and pearls or just plain hot coffee; these are just 3 of the many drinks we all like to take away. Whether it’s Ikat Tepi or a plastic cup, all drinks are loved on the go.

Vendors: Coffee Addict, Bricklin Bar Coffee, Lunabar Coffee, 15 Grams Coffee Bar, St Presso Coffee

Chap Fan/Nasi Kandar

Only in Asia can aunties and uncles tell you the price of your meal based on looking at it for two seconds. With Chap Fan or Nasi Kandar, you get rice, veggies, meat and others. That’s a great meal, right there. It’s extremely dapao friendly!

Vendor: Yan Gei Set Meal @Seong Huat Food Court


Everybody loves Pizza. A chill night in or a big party with 40 other people, pizza is the people’s food. From the customization of sauces, toppings and crusts, it can and will cater to almost everyone.

Vendor’s: Olivia’s Pasta & Pizza

Ramly Burger

Malaysians love our roadside burgers. A messy and juicy burger from your neighbourhood stall is what we crave. That oddly drenched combination of chili sauce, mayonnaise and black pepper sauce, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Vendors: Pos Burger Jelutong, Man Burger Sungai Dua, Burger Ayam Goreng Njoy

What's your go-to thing to dapao? Comment below!

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