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8 Types of Penang Drivers

We all know that Penang drivers get a bad rep for their "creative" driving.

I believe Penangites are generally warm, friendly, and mild-mannered. However, some of us turn into road-demons as soon as the engines started revving.

We are sure that everyone has encountered a fair share of horrible drivers that get on our nerves. Here 8 types of drivers, you'll see in Penang.

The Speed Demon

You know who they are. Always in a hurry, thinking they are speed reincarnate and telling themselves, "I am Speed, Kachow!". Whether it's narrow roads or on-coming traffic, they'll put on their daredevil suits and overtake other cars, cutting queues, honk at cars who they think are "slow".

The Tortoise

The speedy demon makes you nervous, while the tortoise makes you impatient and frustrated.

These drivers are often unnecessary slow at times, which is fine and all if you are in the left most lane. However, when they are in the right lane, you'll pray for sweet release of overtaking them.

Mosquito Motorcyclists

Buzzing around traffic, these people are a common sight. Irritating at times, especially when they are overtaking and zig-zagging.

We only hope that they stick to the side, even though they are annoying at times, we don't want them to become roadkill. Even if we dream of it sometimes.


These drivers are the worst in my opinion. Driving furiously along the highway, right behind you. You can feel them getting closer, which makes you nervous. A nervous driver is not a safe driver.

To summon a tailgater, simply just drive the speed limit and suddenly a car will tailgate you.

Better move over as soon as you can, rather than getting rammed by a tailgater.

The Learner

When you see that “P” sticker on a car, approach with caution. This type of driver makes amateurish driving mistakes, it's understandable, we were once them.

No worries, they won't be clueless forever, but while they are still a learner, just be cautious.

Mr/Mrs "My Grandfather Owns The Road"

This driver will hog the lane, will think nothing of other drivers around them. They expect everyone else to get out their way and be able to guess their next move without any indication on their part.

If you don't move as soon as the headlights turn one, you feel their wrath in the form of their car horn.

Their resume includes speeding, reckless overtaking, undertaking, tailgating, parking irresponsibly and general inconsiderate driving. Literally the worst.

The Classy Driver

The rarest of all of the drivers, this driver only ever appears in your dreams, and sometimes those dreams come true.

They abide to the rules of the road, there is no lawlessness in their book.

The Classy Driver follows the speed limits, does not terrorize other drivers, never tailgate others nor hog the middle lanes. He/she parks considerately and shows patience and kindness to others.

They are what we should be, but unfortunately are not.

Bonus: Trishaw Kings of George Town

Trishaw peddlers are different breed of their own. It's impressive to see trishaw peddlers who operate in the busiest sections of George Town take on huge buses and lorries.

There's no denying that they are the Kings of the George Town, every vehicle slows and pauses for the trishaws. They got the guts to back them up.

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