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Breakfast From The Barn

Starting at The Shark Food Court in Pulau Tikus, Breakfast From The Barn has found it's place in Carnarvon Street with a great view and cozy atmosphere.

You might think that this kind of breakfast foods are more of a cafe thing usually it's a pricier affair when it comes to Western style breakfast meals. But nope, it's reasonably priced and delicious here! What else could you want?

Breakfast From The Barn is in it to make breakfast food an affordable treat for everyone. Breakfast Food Democracy is what I would call it 😂.

You know what's good? They are here to provide you with the best things they have that conveniences both you and them by having a drive-thru service with DROP! Beat the queue!

Address: 89, Lebuh Carnarvon 10100 George Town, Penang.

Business Hours: 7:30AM - 2 PM. Closed on Mondays.

Whether it's bacon, sausages or eggs, they've got it all. Whatever breakfast foods you know, they have it!

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