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How DROP saves you time when you take away.

We all know finding parking in Penang is difficult and annoying especially when you want to eat or get yourself a drink.

Every day tens of thousands of people get takeaway all over Malaysia. Whether it's getting bubble tea 🥤, from your favourite hawker stalls, or just McD drive-thru 🍔🍟.

We do it often enough, why not making getting takeaway easier and saves you time?

That's what DROP is for, here's how.

Drive-thru with DROP app
Drive-thru with DROP

No More Parking Problems

It's hard to find parking in Penang, especially George Town. No one wants to get clamped or fined by MBPP or JPJ, just because you couldn't find a parking space.

Car Getting Clamped Drop
Getting Clamped is Shit

With Drop, you just drive-thru and pick up your order. You don't need to even get down from your vehicle. It saves you time instead of finding parking.

No More Queueing & No Long Waits

Nobody likes queueing, long lines are a pain in the neck. Sure, sometimes the wait is worth it, but why not shorten the wait?

Long lines at Deen Maju Nasi Kandar
Long lines at Deen Maju

Just order ahead and go get your food on your own time in the comfort of your car.

Imagine you want to get a good cup of coffee on the way to work. It’s just a few taps away on the app, your order will be prepared before your arrival.

No more waiting in line, drive-thru instead.

Pay With Ease

Pay with the app, you don’t need to worry about preparing the exact change to pay, or get annoyed by loose change. When you arrive, the order is passed to you, and there you go!

Drive-Thru Takeaway
Use Drop and Drive-Thru

No Minimum Order

From the smallest sip to the biggest bites, you can order whatever you want.

How does it work?

  • Browse, order and pay on the app.

  • Once you've paid, vendors will have to accept your order.

  • Head over, once they accept your order.

  • Notify the vendor with the app when you arrive, they'll bring your order to your car.

You can browse through our list of hawkers, cafes and restaurant, and see the food and drinks they offer.

No parking, no queuing, no long waits, all in the comfort of your car.

Why not delivery?

While food delivery is great and all, sometimes the wait can be unbearable. We drive around a lot, so take away is the better option for us.

But hey, it’s all up to your preference. With us, dapao-ing is our preferred choice.

Dapao Take Away

Download the App here!

If you wanna join the Drop vendor family, download the Vendor App.

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