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7 Drive-thru Bubble Tea Places in George Town with DROP

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

It's a hot day in Penang, all you want is a refreshing drink to cool you down. However, finding parking in Penang is impossible. You don't want to get clamped or get a parking ticket either.

Why not drive-thru with DROP? It's the only Drive-thru app in Penang. It's easy. There are only 3 steps.

Order & Pay, Drive Over to the Bubble Tea Shop and Pick Up - The vendor will pass your order to your car.

Here 7 Bubble Tea Places that you can drive-thru from.

Gao Enough Tea

"The Uncommon Beverage Bar in George Town, Penang" is their tagline and it's so true.

Unlike a lot bubble tea joints popping up all over Penang, Gao Enough Tea is native Penang bubble tea joint. Their drinks come in a transparent bottle that looks like vintage soda cans. (I liked the can so much that I kept it 🌚)

Their milk tea is unique, there's a nice combination of saltiness and sweetness which they affectionately refer to as Humsup Milk Tea.

Popular drinks:

🧉 Humsup Milk Tea (RM10.90) (We love this ❤)

🧉 Hum Sup Lemonade (RM10.90)

🧉 Unicorn Lemonade (RM10.90)

🧉 Niko Matcha Latte (RM9.90)

🧉 Neko Hojicho Latte (RM9.90)

Address: 16, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach St, Georgetown, George Town, Penang

Operating Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM Mon-Sat, 8 AM - 10 PM Sun

Love Corner Tea 爱转角

Love Corner Tea specializes in Fruit Tea. One thing we love about their fruit tea is that it's not too sweet. There are real pieces of fruit in your tea too!

If you are up for it, they also serve Taiwanese wheel cakes with different kinds of fillings. Such as Kim Chi, Oreo, Peanut Mochi, Thai Basil Chilli Chicken, Cheese and Ham.

Popular drinks:

🧉 Passion Fruit Green Tea (RM15.90) (We love this ❤)

🧉 Pinky Lychee Tea (RM13.90)

🧉 Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies (RM15.90)

🧉 Grape Yakult Aloe Vera (RM13.90)

🧉 Pineapple Yogurt Ice Cream (RM14.90)

🧉 Cheezy Grape (RM14.90)

We highly recommend their fruit tea and particularly their Kimchi Wheel Cake.

Address: 290, Chulia St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang

Operating Hours: 10 AM - 12:30 AM Daily

Good Day Good Time 良辰吉时

Hailing from Taiwan, Good Day Good Time is a bubble tea franchise founded by Natto (Lin Yu Chih), a famous TV Host and Actor.

What makes Good Day Good Time unique is their different pearl options. It comes in 4 flavours. You have the ancient brown sugar pearls, dragon fruit pearls, matcha pearls and white jade pearls. (Personally, we love their dragon fruit pearls)

Popular Drinks:

🧉 Brown Sugar Boba Milk With Cheese (RM13.90) (We love this ❤)

🧉 Brown Sugar Boba Milk (RM12.90)

🧉 Strawberry Smoothie with Milk (RM13.90)

🧉 Grapefruit Yakult (RM12.90)

🧉 Heavenly Toro with Milk (RM12.90)

🧉 Uji Matcha Boba Milk (RM13.90)

Address:Nagore Square, 203D, Jalan Hutton 10050 George Town, Penang, Malaysia Operating Hours: 11 AM -12 AM, Mon-Thurs; 11 AM - 1 AM Fri-Sun

奉茶 Feng Cha

Hailing from China, Feng Cha 奉茶 goes above and beyond to serve you all the fruit based-teas you can get. With generous proportions of real fruit slices, all their fruit teas are filled to the brim with juicy fruity goodness.

They've also got ice cream tea that gives your tea a creamy touch. 🍦🍵

Popular Drinks:

🧉 Strawberry Rose Crystal Tea (RM12.90)

🧉 Pitaya Mango Sorbets (RM12.90) (We love this ❤)

🧉 Watermelon Ice Cream Tea (RM12.90)

🧉 Brown Sugar Dirty Tea (RM12.90)

🧉 Mango Dirty Tea (RM13.90)

Address: No.44, Jalan Nagore, 10050 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 12 PM -11:30 PM Daily

Ninecha 九茶

Ninecha 九茶 is located by the busy Anson Road, it's a Milk Tea Bar that we recommend for their signature Lavender Milk Tea.❤ It's delightful, the refreshing Lavender taste is perfect. 🌷

If bubble tea is not your thing, you can try out their Milkshakes. It's creamy and chocolaty goodness 😋🥛

Popular Drinks:

🧉 Ninecha Lavender Milk Tea (RM12.90) (We love this ❤)

🧉 Lychee Rose (RM10.90)

🧉 Oreo Cheese Milkshake (RM15.90)

🧉 Chocolate Kit Kat Milkshake (RM15.90)

🧉 Matcha Kit Kat Milkshake (RM15.90)

Address: 138-1-1 Anson Cube, Jalan Anson, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: 12 PM - 12 AM Sun - Thur, 12 PM - 1 AM Fri - Sat.

Chloé Café 茶约

Named after their daughter, Chloe. Sam and Joey co-founded Chloe Cafe with a goal to serve you delicious tea.

Their tea is on the pricier side, but that is due to their dedication of roasting the best tea leaves to prepare you the best tea drink to refresh yourself.🍵

Popular Drinks:

🧉 Cheese Classic Milk Tea (RM15.00) (We love this ❤)

🧉 Ice Peach Oolong Tea (RM17.00)

🧉 Brown Sugar Fresh Milk (RM22.00)

🧉 Strawberry Cheese Tea (RM22.00)

Address: Pulau Tikus Plaza, 441-G-3 Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, 10350 George Town, Penang.

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 12 PM (Daily)


Unlike the bubble tea places above, MataMata does not require any flashy gimmick to stand out. Its simplicity makes it the best, there's no fancy nonsense. 😮🥤

It's the most affordable bubble tea places we've encountered in Penang too!

Another good thing is that Matamata serves food alongside bubble tea, such as Nasi Lemak!

Popular Drinks:

🧉 Boba Black Milk Tea (RM7.90)

🧉 Boba Oolong Bubble tea (RM7.90)

🧉 Boba Brown Sugar Milk Tea (RM9.90)

Address: 275, Lebuh Chulia, 10200 Georgetown, Penang

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (Daily)

If you are in need of bubble tea, here are the 7 bubble tea places that are DROP partners for you to drive-thru from.

Order ahead, no parking, no queuing, no long waits, get takeaway all in the comfort of your car. 😎🚗 Head over, dapao something and treat yourself!

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