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GEORGETOWN - Local apom seller adds an entire banana to an apom, causes hysteria

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

By: Joshua Soo, Lim Xiu Zhen

Penang’s pancake and crepe aficionados were thrown into a frenzy early Wednesday morning when news broke that local apom seller, Hao Xiang Jiao adds entire bananas to his apom pisang, one of the many variations of the local pancake he sells at his pushcart.

News got out when president of the Official Pancake Association of Southeast Asia (OPASA), M. Theeni Pandaram posted a review on his Facebook page on Tuesday. “I (was) on my way for a morning meeting with a client (in the area),” he explained, “I bought two apom pisang for breakfast. It looked normal, but I took a bite, (and) I realized that there were banana slices inside!”

The resulting long lines at Penang Road where the stall is located the next day resulted in the 2-hour long traffic jam that followed. Many people did not mind braving the long lines, saying that they were tired of the deception of many apom sellers who labelled plain apoms with hardly any bananas inside “apom pisang”.

“I waited for 1 hour to get my banana apom, and I have no regrets,” stated Loo Mah Kan. Not everybody were lucky enough to get their hands on the delicacy, though. Regular customer Johnny Motee Lal lamented the fact that the stall had to close up early due to running out of ingredients. “Social media can be good and bad. Good for Ah Jiao, he got many customers with the exposure, but if this becomes a norm, his loyal customers have to go elsewhere,” adding in hindsight that perhaps he could call and order ahead in the future.

The only statement from the owner when asked about his newfound status as a local hero was a muttered oath in Mandarin, but his son stated that they may expand their business to include other local delicacies as well, like curry puff with extra filling, and kuih badak berendam with more badak