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How this Kopitiam provided a drive-thru for their customers while inside a food court complex

You might be wondering, how would a drive-thru work for a vendor inside a food court?

Well, Poh Hock Cafe did it at Kompleks Sri Selera Bayan Baru.

Poh Hock Cafe's drive-thru is with DROP. They signed up as a DROP vendor during MCO.

Business was slow and customers were not willing to come in, no customers mean no income. Poh Hock Cafe knew they need to adapt and do something to earn any sort of income.

Delivery was not an option, their delivery charges on vendors are too expensive for their coffee drinks.

RM2.00 Kopi Peng, then plus delivery charges, how much would that cost? Not worth it.

So, they found DROP and decided to sign up as a vendor. What's great is that we don't charge Poh Hock Cafe any commissions.

How does their drive-thru work and why have a drive-thru?

Poh Hock Cafe suggests to their existing customers to use the app to order.

Why? No need to park!

It's convenient for their customers. Customers don't have to find parking, go inside the complex for their favourite kopi peng.

That's why Poh Hock signed up, to provide convenience to their customers.

Customers stop for a bit to pick up at the location shown below.

Back Road Kompleks Sri Selera Bayan Baru

DROP process:

🚗Step 1: Customer order what they want & pay on the App.

🚗Step 2: Vendors will get a new order notification and have 5 minutes to accept the order. Once the order is accepted, customer can drive-over 🚗😎

🚗Step 3: Vendor starts preparing the order.

🚗Step 4: Customers arrive and press "I'm here", Vendors will get a notification to bring the order to the customer's car (customer info can be found in the app).

More about Poh Hock Cafe

Best Kopi Peng in Bayan Baru area. There are many other good "pengs" you can try! 🚗☕

☕Kopi Peng Single Shot (RM2.00)

☕Kopi Peng Double Shot Less Ice (RM4.00)

☕Cham Peng Single Shot (RM2.00)

☕Cham Peng Double Shot Less Ice (RM4.00)

☕Chocolate Peng Single Shot (RM2.50)

☕Matcha Peng Single Shot (RM2.50)

☕Premium Milk Tea (RM4.00)

☕Premium White Coffee (RM6.00)

☕Premium Dark Chocolate (RM6.00)

☕Special Peng (RM2.50)

☕Almond Peng (RM2.50)

☕Nescafe Peng (RM2.50)

☕ChocoMint Peng (RM2.50)

☕Neslo Peng (RM3.00)

Address: B8, Kompleks Sri Selera, 62, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas, Penang

Open: 7 AM to 3 PM. Closed on Sundays

Order ahead, no parking, no queuing, no long waits, get takeaway all in the comfort of your car. 😎🚗

Head over, dapao something and treat yourself!  But make sure you stay healthy and safe!

What are your favourite restaurants you want to take away from? Tell us and we'll do our best to get them on DROP for you to drive-thru from! 🚗🐔🍚😎

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