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Man digs into meal before posting it on social media: Gets arrested

Illustration by : Joshua Soo

Teluk Kumbar, Penang - A man is facing up to 15 hours of community photo cataloging because he had taken a bite of his food prior to fulfilling the legal obligation of taking a photo and posting it in his preferred social media platform.

The alleged offence took place in a “classy” kopitiam, Orange Utan, named as a tribute to a famous American businessman turned politician cum comedian.

Mr. Boh Lang Chai, 28, was having dinner with his colleagues at the famous eatery, and when the food had arrived, he immediately dug into the delicious Malaysian delicacy of “Fat Rice”. His colleagues tried to stop him but ultimately it was too late as he had already been reported to the relevant authorities by then. Ms. Lan See, 25, who made the allegation was unavailable for comment.

In the Malaysian Siao Lang Act of 2023 Clause 2.3(1), which is the governing act for all those who exhibit “siao lang” and “siao kia” behaviors, it is specifically stated that :

2.3 (1).(a) The kiasu social media behavioral contract has been breached if a person makes contact with food with their:-

i) limbs

ii) other assorted appendages

iii) cutlery

before fulfilling their duties to upload the imagery of their food to their preferred social media platforms.

This Act was first legislated as part of the Government's initiative to preserve the integrity and vanity of all social media influencers, who play a key role in generating revenue for themed restaurants, cafes and kopitiam’s nationwide.

Failing to adhere to the law may result in the offender being subjected of having to view thousands of half-chewn food images as this will be what all food posts will look like if the images were not taken beforehand.

Mr.Boh commented that he wasn’t aware of the Act as he was starving but did acknowledge his ignorance on the offence by pleading guilty, and will file in for an appeal on the charge. He did however call for reforms on the Act.

“Aiyo I didn’t know ma! So hungry leh so that’s why I took one bite first lor. Please lah don’t tell me everytime want to eat food have to take picture meh! Jialat!”

The case is going to be on trial on July 22 in the Civil Court of Penang, and will serve as a precedent for those cases that go on trial for breaking the law to safeguard our endangered social media elites.

Written by: Pugan