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Man gives out free tissues in kopitiam, inadvertently starts war.

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

By: Joshua Soo. Lim Xiu Zhen

GEORGETOWN- Many who frequented the food shops along Beach Street got a rather nasty shock yesterday.

We have an exclusive interview with Mr. Liu Pang Kang, owner of the Pang Kang Kopitiam, about the events that unfolded yesterday.

“I was taking orders from my breakfast customers. Then I hear a lot of noise outside. I was so surprised, got a big crowd outside! They all shouting ‘Stop stealing my culture’,” he stated, looking bewildered. “I was so shock, I see my good friend, Jamalia Banu in front of the crowd. I go to talk to her lah, I try to ask her what was wrong, but then ah, she slap me, and run away!” said Mr. Liu.

He added that upon seeing this, the crowd grew more agitated, and all hell broke loose. “Suddenly ah, they throw pots and kuali at me! Got one chicken head also!”

When Jamalia Banu was approached, she seemed too distraught to talk. “I never thought he would do this to me, I thought we were good friends! This really breaks my heart” she lamented, holding on to a placard painted with the hashtag #MyCultureIsNotYourBusinessOpportunity.

The police arrived in time before the crowd got too rowdy, thanks to neighbouring shops tipping them off.

“I thought, wah, good lah. Police come can control the situation. But sibeh, the police come give me cease and desist order!” Mr. Liu stated. “I only wanted to give free tissue to my customer, that one also become big problem, until police order me to stop giving free tissue!” he said, looking traumatized.

One of the protestors stated that “Giving out free tissues to customers has long been ingrained in our nasi kandar culture. It is really uncalled for, then, for the kopitiam to appropriate our culture by providing free tissues for their customers. That has been the unique selling point of all nasi kandar outlets in Malaysia, and now the kopitiam is trying to hijack our customers by copying us.”

When asked to comment on that, Mr. Liu said “Like this I better sell packet tissue only lah! Just because I try to do something nice for my customer, today I have to close shop,” he stated, looking sadly around his empty shop.