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Newsletter: Avocadose, Coffee 45, Danish Briyani House & Coffee Addict

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Every day, cafes and restaurants are hard at work trying to feed us with delicious eats and quench our thirst with refreshing drinks. Here are some of our vendors that contribute the magic that fills us:

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Do you need a daily dose of avocados? Do you need potassium? Avocados got your back, they have more potassium than a frickin’ banana!

If you think you need that potassium, some avocado smoothies from Avocadose is what you need. Try their signature Avodacose and Avococo, get your fix now!

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Coffee 45

Get some hearty breakfast foods from Coffee 45 to fuel your day. Comfort food is what they aim to serve.

All the classics such as burgers, wraps, chicken chop rice and Nasi Lemak. Food that speaks to the heart of any Malaysians.

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Danish Briyani House

Don’t let the word Danish fool you, they aren't from Denmark. It’s all Indian food right here at Danish Briyani House.

You’ve got your Briyanis, your Tandoori chickens, your butter chicken, and much more. It satisfies all your cravings throughout the day.

Need something to cool you down, they've got some awesome Milk Shakes as well.

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Coffee Addict

Nestled by an alley, Coffee Addict Cafe welcomes coffee enthusiasts alike with their array of coffee and delightful eats.

Known to be one of the best places to get a cup of coffee, there is no denying the power Coffee Addict wields when it comes

to caffeine.

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