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Newsletter #2: WrappYYappY, Laksa Kitchen by Gurney 11, lunarbarcoffee

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Every day, cafes and restaurants are hard at work trying to feed us with delicious eats and quench our thirst with refreshing drinks. Here are some of our vendors that contribute the magic that fills us:

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Can you wrap your minds around these wraps? Look at them, they are glistening!

All kinds of wraps for you to pick from, but we are sure you’ll have a favourite. Vegans, vegetarians or meat lovers can have their choice of wrap. Check them out!

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Laksa Kitchen by Gurney 11

As Penangites, we are proud of our Laksa. How can we not? It world-renowned and delicious as heck. Both Asam Laksa and Nyonya Laksa are superb, it’s a must try.

Laksa Kitchen deserves more praise for the quality Laksa they serve. Get a bowl or two now!

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You'll be over the moon once you try brewed drinks at Lunabar. Nestled in quiet neighbourhood @ Jalan Clove Hall, they serve one of the best-brewed drinks around. Drop by Lunabar to get your fix of coffees and chocolate drinks.

It’s not just about the drinks, their desserts are to die for as well.

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