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Newsletter #3: Khabilu Penang Famous Muruku, The Pharm Hut and Bricklin Cafe Bar.

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Every day, cafes and restaurants are hard at work trying to feed us with delicious eats and quench our thirst with refreshing drinks. Here are some of our vendors that contribute the magic that fills us:

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Khabilu Penang Famous Muruku

All of us have the munchies and snacking is how we cure it. Some Muruku from Khabilu Penang Famous Muruku is what you need.

It's famous because it's delicious. What else do we have to say? Just remember to stay hydrated when you are snacking!

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The Pharm Hut

What is Kefir Soda? It's a probiotic-rich super beverage that is good to your digestive system. For hundreds of years, people have been drinking it for health purposes

The Pharm Hut's Kefir Soda are made from real fruits! Their flavours include Passionfruit, Dragonfruit, Pineapple, Calamansi Lime and Ginger. Try some now!

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Bricklin Cafe Bar

Nestled by the corner of Hin Bus Depot, this cafe is famous for its top-notch coffee.

Seriously, the coffee is what Bricklin is all about. Their coffee is handcrafted by professional baristas and the beans are locally roasted as well.

Try out their signature brew, the Red Latte and their own Bricklin Cold Brew!

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