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Newsletter #4: Yin's Wholefood Manufactory, Ah Gu Pan Mee and Black Kettle.

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Hey there, we want to share our love for our vendors. Here are some that do good work in feeding us good eats and quenching our thirst with refreshing drinks.

Check them out and tell us what you think of them. Comment below or tag us #therealdrivethru on social media.

Yin's Wholefood Manufactory

Yin's Wholefood Manufactory is the brainchild of Su Yin, Mother of 3 turned baker. She believes everyone should have a choice to eat healthy.

Su Yin's wants to provide a healthy alternative to commercial bread in Penang & Malaysia. Showing the benefits of real bread, in the form of her sourdough bread and more.

If you are bored with bread, you have not tried some of Yin's! Check them out!

Additional Info:

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Ah Gu Pan Mee

One of the best Pan Mee place in Penang. Besides the signature Pan Mee that we are used to.

Ah Gu Pan Mee serves unconventional Pan Mee. Such as Clams Pan Mee, Scallion Pan Mee and the Pork Lard Pan Mee.

It's so simple yet I can't help to get more to eat.

Don't miss out on these noodles, pan mee should be a staple in your diet from now on.

Additional Info:

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Black Kettle

Most Penangites have heard of Black Kettle, it's basically an institution in the Cafe scene around Penang.

This cafe uses award-winning Coffee Beans from Australia. Assuring quality caffeine fixes, if you are a caffeine addict, you've gotta get some!

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