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Refer A Friend, Get A Coupon

You can now give your friend RM10 to drive-thru with using Drop!

Invite them to try DROP for the first time, dapao anything from hawker food to cafe eats, try out the drive-thru experience of getting food take away.

Have a lot of friends? Invite them all! Once your friends have made a purchase for the first time, you’ll get a coupon too!

Friends don’t just bring you joy, they give you perks as well!

Best Drop Friends
Friends get perks together

How does it work?

Step 1. Customize your referral code on the app. You can customize all 6 characters!

Step 2. Share your referral code far and wide, whether it’s on social media or literally you shouting your referral code on a megaphone.

Step 3. Your friend downloads the app and keys in your referral code when signing up.

Step 4. The RM10 coupon will be credited to your friend in their coupon wallet.

Step 5. For every friend that uses your referral code, you’ll receive RM10 for each one that spends their coupon!

Invite your friends now and earn! Drive-thru like a boss!

Dapao Drive thru Drop
Drive-thru like a boss

If you want to learn more about the app, here's a blog post about how our app helps you!

Download the App here! If you wanna join the Drop vendor family, download the Vendor App.

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