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The Socialness of Getting Takeaway Food

Food takes huge part of our life, it’s ingrained in every culture across the globe. Every culture has its own traditions and customs when it comes to food. Every era gives birth to new food traditions, today is no different. With the rise of food delivery and other takeaway services, takeaway culture becomes even more prominent in our lives.

Sharing Food
Sharing Food

So how does takeaway food affect our everyday socially?

Bonding with Loved Ones

Getting food takeaway has become a way to bond with someone. Getting pizza when your friends who come over or bringing back food for your spouse to share with.

Food becomes the bridge between you and other people. Sharing it signifies your social identity and camaraderie with that person or group, it’s an act of intimacy.

Sharing Food
Friendship of Food

Also, sharing your takeaway meal produces boundaries of inclusion and exclusion. It creates a sense of belonging.

For most people, sharing your food shows that you acknowledge the person you are sharing with. You don’t just share food with anyone, if you are not comfortable with that person, you won’t eat with them.

You don't share food with anyone

Being Part of A Community

The people from your favorite local takeaway outlets are participants of the community too. They are an integral part of your community that is often overlooked by most people.

Imagining going to your favorite Nasi Lemak stall everyday or your favorite diner. At some point, you get to know the people who work there, especially when they see you often. Whether it is some friendly old auntie or chatty barista, you'll probably form a bond with them.

Bonus, if they called you “handsome” or “beautiful”.

It Becomes A Routine And Tradition

Having food with loved ones is a tradition as old as human history. As time passed, food became more portable and humans want their food on the go, thus eating takeaway food became an important part of our lives.

Imagine you are young again, excited about what your mom bought back for you to eat after her morning market shopping. Or anticipating what your dad is bringing back for dinner after work. In Japan, ever since the 1980s, it’s a tradition to get KFC takeaway back home for Christmas dinner.

Sharing Food

I for one have a tradition of getting a few boxes of pizzas for movie nights with friends. It’s what you make of it that makes takeaway food part of your tradition. It is just what you did.

Food = Happiness


One the other hand, the reason why we get takeaway is so that we can be alone with ourselves. Nothing beats getting your food ready made and eaten in the privacy of your own space. Whether it’s in your car, your home or any place. You can do whatever you wish. In Private.

Eating Alone
Eating alone is great sometimes

Treat Ourselves

Every once in a while, you need to treat yourself. Occasionally pampering ourselves is essential to our happiness and your mental health. Maybe it’s been a long week and you deserve a reward. Getting takeaway is the perfect indulgence for you and whoever is with you.

It saves you all a lot of time, there’s no denying it. Not cooking and cleaning gives you a break and the pleasure of relaxing. With takeaway, it’s just order it, get it, eat it and you are satisfied without the mess.

Treat yourself.

Treat yourself

Takeaway food can bring people together. Or let you be alone. Food in whatever form, tells a story, it connects or disconnects people, something for you to enjoy yourself or with others. It's your choice what you make of it.

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