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Tips on Storing and Reheating Your Takeaway

How often do you get takeaway and can’t finish everything? Thinking maybe you can keep it for a few days before eating it again. Eating takeaway leftovers is the perfect solution to save money and time, especially when you have no time to cook.

Storing & Reheating the wrong way
Storing & Reheating the wrong way makes 'meh' food

However, one thing about leftovers is that it can cause food poisoning when stored and reheated incorrectly. The extremely uncomfortable and perhaps painful feeling in your bowels that make you curse that you shouldn’t have eaten the leftovers. Nobody wants food-poisoning.

food poisoning

So how do you prevent that from happening?

General Tips on Storing Your Takeaway

When you can’t finish your leftovers, ideally, store your leftovers in the fridge within 90 minutes of you getting the food. Never leave your food out for hours.

Store your food

Make sure the leftovers are cooled before putting into the fridge. Otherwise, you risked creating a bacteria-friendly environment when the temperature in the fridge affected from the warm takeaway. It will not only affect your leftovers, but also other foods stored inside. Make sure your fridge remains below 5 °C .

Keep your leftovers sealed and separate. Preventing potential cross-contamination.

Also, only keep leftovers that you are able to eat within two days of putting it into the fridge. Anything time beyond that will be risky for your tummy.

Tips on Reheating

This is important to take note of, how you handle the reheating leftovers is key to staying healthy.

Stir Microwave

Reheat leftovers that are within 2 days of putting into the fridge, anything beyond that risks diarrhea.

  • Make sure your leftovers are properly defrosted before reheating.

  • When you reheat your food, do it until it’s piping hot throughout.

  • Those of you use a microwave need to be aware that food reheated with it will not be heated evenly throughout. So take your food out halfway and give it a stir and mix before continuing to reheat.

  • Reheat your food until it reaches 74°C and above for about two minutes.

Take care of your tummy! It's not just about filling your tummy, it's filling your tummy the right way.

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