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Wah, got long line, confirm good one!

Its a line, its always a line.

Would you wait in line for an hour or two just for a bowl of sweet, cold dessert? What? I must be crazy, right? Who would want to line up under the relentless heat of the sun for an hour just for a bowl of dessert, right? Well, in many places, this may be true. But, if there’s one thing to know about Penangites, is to never underestimate their love for food. It is well known that in Penang, whenever you see long queues, you can be assured that the food is good.

Why else would we want to line up for so long, despite our tired legs and rumbling stomachs?

Now, one of the best treats Penang has to offer is the delicious chendul; green rice flour noodles drowned in palm sugar syrup and coconut milk, served cold with shaved ice, kidney beans, and the optional glutinous rice. The Penangite’s ultimate comfort food during blazing hot days.

You can see Penangites head off to Penang Road, home to the famous Teochew Chendul, for our chendul fix. It’s not uncommon to see long lines starting from the small street off Penang Road, leading up to the little pushcart where a couple of people work with an almost automated precision, doling out bowls of chendul for the waiting masses.

Now, why would we line up so long underneath the blazing sun for something you can get at almost every street corner in Penang?

The answer is pretty simple, actually. WE. MALAYSIANS. LOVE. GOOD. FOOD!

If someone was to observe the long lines for food in Malaysia, they would notice that there is a sense of camaraderie among the waiting masses. Being a part of the group where everyone knows the worth of waiting for good food probably brings us closer together, more than anything else can.

Standing in line under the hot sun for an hour or two seems to be a pretty small price to pay, for all that.

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