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Wet markets pass hygiene reforms; Rodents rise to revolution.

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

By: Joshua Soo

Wet markets on Penang Island have been doing something new. Something they have never done before. They are cleaning up their markets. They are disposing of their waste properly. They are storing their produce in proper containers, displaying them nicely. They don’t leave things scattered on the floor.

Everything is sterile.

And the smallest members of the market aren’t too happy about it.

The Rodent Worker’s Union of Penang held a peaceful demonstration at the Batu Lanchang Wet Market yesterday. They demand for unhygienic reforms, stating that they have a right to do honest work as well.

We are decomposers. We take away the rubbish you generate from your produce, and eat them. It is a sustainable system that is ecologically friendly. Why change things up now?” questions Reepichip XXXIV, representative from the Rodent Bar council.

Traders refused to give in to the demands of the rats. “We are tired of them running underfoot all the time! The last time, I was tied up in litigation for ‘causing grievous hurt’. I stepped in a tail of a rat that deliberately got into my way! And I was carrying a heavy box of cauliflowers. No, this has got to stop!” said Maria, who sells fresh produce from her farm.

The rats, however, took exception to this, and started stealing the produce stored overnight in the markets. This resulted in numerous arrests. All that were arrested claimed trial.

We contribute so much to the overall ‘wet market’ experience. By cleaning up the markets, you are erasing our culture. Malaysia is a multicultural country, and it is essential that we all get along and respect one another’s cultures, no matter what color or species we are,” one of the elders of the Rodent High Council stated at a press conference yesterday.